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The Parlotones Digital Takeover

NJIN Agency is the digital and marketing partner of iconic South African rock group, The Parlotones. The scope of our engagement includes website development, social and paid media, SEO, content creation and further extensions into Augmented Reality and App development in the future.



NJIN Agency does not employ junior team members. All work is executed by seasoned professionals and centrally managed by a core group of grizzled veterans – all of us are slightly “mad” but crystal clear in our drive to deliver the very best for our clients.


From senior strategists, creative direction and award-winning Paid Search teams through to expertise in design, social media and content creation, NJIN Agency offers through-the-line skills and always-on thinking – forever learning and pushing for greater results.


Individually and as a collective we have earned (sometimes through hard lessons and harder knocks) a reputation for no-nonsense execution and dead-honest campaign assessments. We do not accept work we are not capable of or where we don’t believe we can make a difference.


Sensible, pragmatic, free from “fluff” or over-inflated opinions, NJIN Agency clients can expect their campaigns to be executed by the teams they met in their on-boarding phase. We do not “move” work to less experienced team members because, well, we don’t have any.


NJIN Agency services

Our services stack extends beyond the studio window and the usual to include Public Relations, Systems Integration, Brand and Communications strategy and a variety of Production Services in support of our full-house of digital and technology solutions. From concept to completion and beyond . . . NO BS.

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